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About Our Charleston SC Salon, Ladies Pamper Spa

After opening a Charleston salon specifically designed for the gentleman in 2003, it took another 7 years for the creative salon spa lights to go on for the Ladies! Over the years, when the ladies of Charleston came into Gents with their men, Madison, owner and founder of Ladies and Gents, sent them to nearby Charleston salons for services. Each time, they said, "We need one of these Charleston salons for us!"

In 2010, Madison finally acquired the space next to Gents Barberspa. This turned out to be the perfect location to open the counterpart Charleston salon to Gents. Getting in touch with his softer side, and entertaining Charleston salon ideas from his wife, Elizabeth, and other staff members, he quietly designed a little haven for the Lady. He wanted to create a salon in Charleston for the Lady, and capture the soul of his clients using a technique he was confident they would respond to: Pampering! Thus, in July 2010, Ladies Pamperspa opened the doors to the public!

"With our design, we hope to reinvent the wheel, and give each area within our Charleston salon/spa its own identity. Getting manicures and pedicures should be a social event!" says Madison. He added, "Sip wine, catch up with a friend, or chill with a magazine. We custom designed the world's first pedi-bench. In addition, our Charleston salon has a half couch, half sinks, that are all pamperlicious!"

The manicure stations are club chairs, and rest under the crowns with lots of fabric. The Charleston hair and make-up stations allow for additional privacy, rather than being out in the open, and the massage and facial rooms are designed to give you the feeling that you are in a different place, under a gazebo, or in a tent down by the beach...

The Ladies Pamperspa mission is to bring Charleston salon and spa services together in a boutique setting that is all geared to the customer by providing the best in all areas of service: hair, makeup, nails, waxing, facials, massage, and private parties. Rather than operate as a large scale salon in Charleston, Ladies wants to operate completely differently according to Madison:

"Instead of a Charleston hair stylist passing you to an assistant for your shampoo, to the color specialist, to the dryer, to the nail tech, and so on, and so on - I want a salon in Charleston that caters to the one-on-one relationship. Our Charleston hair stylists are superbly trained in all aspects of the salon. They cater to the client and give them everything they can imagine. It fosters a great relationship between the stylist and the client. They can take you through the different stations in our Charleston salon, giving you a haircut, highlights, lowlights, shampoo, a manicure or pedicure, and wrap you up with a facial. Naturally, they don't give massages, but we have massage therapists for that. It is a special place."

One great thing about Ladies is that you know you will be taken care of... and if you are travelling with a man, there's a Charleston salon for him right next door!

For more information about all of the great Charleston salon services we offer, please click the following links: Hair : Massage : Facials : Pedicures : Manicures. We look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon, and know we cannot wait to pamper you in our Charleston SC salon.