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Take it from us; we know what it feels like to be in desperate need of a de-stressing treatment. At Ladies, we have treatments that extend far beyond your standard Charleston salon services. We invite you to come and slow down by enjoying one of our various, hands-on Charleston massages that will leave you feeling peaceful and recharged. If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, we also offer a rejuvenating ergo-chair massage. Read on to find out more about each of the different Charleston massage options we have here at Ladies Pamperspa.


By appointment, or by chance, relax under the dream canopy, and lose yourself as our professional therapists provide Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Therapeutic massages in Charleston – or infuse them all! Try a massage that infuses Swedish and pamper techniques that leave you refreshed and revitalized!

Half Hour - $65 1 Hour - $100 1 ½ hour - $150 Hot Stone - Add $20

**Deep Issue and Hot Stone pricing may vary.**


Go face-first into the ergo chair. Take a deep breath, and let our Charleston massage therapist work out the kinks. It is a must before returning to the brutal day of shopping... if time won't allow the real deal, this is a good taste!

$2 per minute

It is difficult to find spa services that are just as affordable as they are luxurious. That is why at Ladies we make sure that we are offering you an outstanding service at outstanding prices. Can’t choose which spa service in which you’d rather delight? All of these methods are proven to help you put a little bit of calm back into your day to help you take life as it comes. Thanks for visiting our Charleston salon and spa online, now stop by in person where relaxation awaits you.