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Charleston SC Salon Hair Services

Our Charleston salon and spa offers some of the most premier treatments for hair and scalp in the area. Whether you are looking to maintain your same, great look or have a desire to be dangerous, our salon experts are ready to let you kick back with one of our complimentary washes and scalp massages that will have you thinking you’re in heaven.  We all want to find that look that makes people stop and stare. So dye it, cut it, style it- no matter what you choose, you can be sure that you will be glad you did!


Start your experience right with a Q&A session with our Charleston hair salon specialist... make sure we know exactly what you want in a haircut. Then, relax in our quiet wash room, and take in the shampoo, conditioning, and scalp massage. Once you are ready, stride to one of our private service rooms. Here, you will have a haircut from the finest hair salon in Charleston. Upon completion, enjoy a final rinse, and have your hair dried and styled.



Turn Heads with this Charleston hair salon service! We have a variety of colors to keep your hair looking delish, and just the way you want it – and, this is a great addition to the haircut. Please, talk about it with your stylist during the Q&A session.



If you want to make them jealous, and are considering highlights, this is the hair salon in Charleston to do it. Our stylists are well trained in giving you highlights that look natural. Go as extreme as you want, or as light and subtle as you can imagine.

$134 highlights / $94 lowlights or partials


Going out tonight? This is for when you don’t really need a haircut, but having someone else get you ready sounds pamperific! Enjoy a shampoo, condition, scalp massage, dry, and style, and indulge in all the great parts of our signature Charleston hair salon service without the trim...The perfect start to ladies night out!

Blow-out $54 / Updo $84


Say goodbye to frizz. Keratin is great for long lasting straightening and conditioning.


It’s not very often that we, as women, have the chance to kick up our feet and do something for ourselves. Don’t miss your chance to relish in any one of our top salon quality treatments that are both great for the physical appearance as well as the emotional well-being. At Ladies, our Charleston salon and spa specializes in pampering our clients. So let us help you get that look you need to make a great first impression or to impress yourself or someone special. Regardless of your reason, make sure you are looking and feeling sensational with us!